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I made all my entries private and use this now mostly just as notes for myself. I'm mostly over on facebook these days (I know, boo, hiss, traitor, etc). I check my friends page here occassionally (very occassionally), but if you're looking for an active user, I'm not the friend for you. Left the rest of my userinfo intact just for fun. Just so you know.

Hi, Iā€™m [personal profile] amanda. I'm also known as Manda, Mandapants, Pandamants, Mandapanda or simply Panda (but never Mandy). People have taken to calling me Batmanda. I blame kamara entirely for this - though it should be noted that despite my outward objection to being called Batmanda, I secretly do like it - but don't tell kamara that, ok? ;)

If you're here to add me as a friend because you think I'm your friend from school, save yourself the trouble, because I'm probably Not That Girl. Check my list of schools and you'll see that I'm not her.

I tend to find that most people, when considering a new friend, will simply check the interests lists and the userpics. But really, my interests list doesn't reflect who I am or what I like and neither do my userpics. And if you're anything like me, you actually read the bio section to see whether or not you want to friend someone.

Despite this, I still found it incredibly difficult to come up with anything to say on my profile. And so I asked my friends for help. Most of them went with the 'I only check interests and userpics, so it doesn't matter what's in your bio' option. However, a few friends did comment with their thoughts about me. I have to admit, I don't agree with all of them. Perception, isn't it a wonderful thing? It doesn't matter what I say here about myself or my thoughts ā€“ at the end of the day you will perceive me the way you want to perceive me.

One of my friends told me that I'm friendly, beautiful, intelligent, trusting and generous with my friends. Another told me that I'm an awesome gal with a big heart and a very bright mind. Not to mention helpful, sweet, open-minded, and understanding of many things that many people wouldn't (or rather, wouldn't care to try understanding). Someone else said that I'm a strong, beautiful woman inside and out and that I'm making the most of myself.

If my friends are to be believed then my only, or main, weakness is that I'm often too self critical and I don't always give myself enough credit.

So that's what my friends think of me at the time of writing this bio. Mostly they just reflected things that people have said about me in the past. I've also been told on more than one occasion that I'm incredibly honest ā€“ often to the point of being brutally honest. I have to say I agree with that one wholeheartedly. I see no point in lying to people, or telling them what I think they want to hear. But that doesn't mean I'm a bitch either. You can be honest, even brutally honest, but still be diplomatic about it.

More of what my friends say about me:
right"A single quantity of Amanda is capable of producing more energy than the Hardon collider."
prissi"There are 2000 pandas in the world. However, there is only one Manda. SAVE THE MANDAS"
lady_angelina"Userpics admin, Is as sweet as fine sugar, And full of awesome."
danceinacircle"Amanda flashed her BOOBIES at me first. Maybe. I can't remember. She is also my braintwin and OTP. Don't tell her."
wanderingloudly"Good person"
hammond"One day Amanda said to me: "I'm going to make a boat out of tulips". When she does, I'll be there cheering her on as she sails into the sunset (and probably sinks and drowns, but at least it's how she wanted to go)."
ayoub"One of those weird beautiful people who won't admit she's beautiful... But it's part of her charm!"
duritzan"Amanda expects every bad thing to be intended to hit her."
idonotlikepeas"amanda is lucky that my comment didn't consist entirely of a filk of "Mandy", because the temptation to do that was almost overwhelming. (P.S. <3)"
raenstorm"Amanda is fantabulous! She is a wonderful friend and I love her to bits."

I haven't had the easiest life. In fact I've had a pretty hard life. If you're interested in that, you can read more about it here. But you know, that's all in the past and I'm trying to move on from that. I just have to take all of those experiences and try to learn and grow from them. So pretty much the last two or three years has been focussed on doing just that.

My journal is a mixture of happy and sad. I write about whatever is on my mind at the time, or about the things I'm going through or things that I'm planning on doing. I also post silly entries from time to time, and the occasional meme. Sometimes I spill my heart out, and sometimes I post cryptically. I very rarely disable comments, and I'm open to any question or piece of advice or criticism or anything else you want to throw my way. For the record, I don't allow anonymous commenting to my journal, and I do track IP addresses. If you can't say what you want to me without feeling the need to hide, then I don't want to know what you have to say, because you're not worth the stress that it'll inevitably cause me.

For the longest time my journal was entirely friends only. I not-so-recently changed that. I still post friends only, since there are some things that should be kept semi-private. But for the most part, my journal is now public.

Outside of LiveJournal, I'm heavily addicted to Guild Wars. I'm a member of the Blinkie Ponie Armie [BPA].

I used to play WoW. I was a member of Avenged. I played on US servers and the Feathermoon realm - I might even pick this up again one day.

I also have an xbox, a wii, a Nintendo 3DS and a Nintendo DS.

I squee about games. A lot. Not always in my journal and not always to 'real life' friends as they aren't gamers and don't really understand. But I do squee about games a lot to the Ponies in IRC. If you don't know why we call ourselves Ponies, then you don't need to know and you most certainly don't belong in that social circle. So don't even ask.

kamara and dapperderp share my saucer and are the two most awesome people in the whole wide world. idonotlikepeas is my Dumbledore and his wife, girlgonemad, is really my wife, not his.

So if you've made it this far, you already have an idea of how I write in my journal. I should also briefly mention my friending policy. You don't need to comment to let me know you've added me as a friend - though if you want to, then please, by all means do so - I have absolutely no objections to starting up a 'get to know each other' comment thread on my entries. I check my profile daily, so I can see when someone new adds me. Chances are I'll probably friend you back, but I may not add you back straight away, and there's always a chance I won't add you back at all. But that doesn't mean you're not welcome to keep reading my public entries. There's also a chance that if I do add you, you may be defriended at some point in the future, and likely with no warning. I like to keep my reading list to journals that I enjoy reading, and I don't see the point in having journals appear on my friends page if I'm constantly going to skim past them. I also defriend people if they disappear from LiveJournal. I don't see the point in keeping dead journals on my list. Also, I don't announce that I do friends cuts. I don't ask people to comment if they want to stay on my friends list. I'm low maintenance and I hate drama with a passion. If you defriend me, I'll just return the favour and move on with my life. I have more important things to worry about than whether someone has defriended me or not. And in all my time on LiveJournal, I've only been offended once when someone defriended me.

I'm not a comment whore. I don't expect anyone to ever comment on my journal entries. I write my journal for me, not for anyone else. I would continue to write even if nobody were reading. I only comment to your entries if I have something I want to say. But that doesn't mean I don't read every single entry that you write.

If you're still here, and you've read all of this, you now have two choices. You can friend me or you can simply navigate away from my profile and forget about me. The decision is now yours.

For those who know what it is, my emergency post is here.
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